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The Boone Family Foundation Awards $25,000 to TREC Foundation for Technical Assistance Program

The Boone Family Foundation awarded a grant in the amount of $25,000 to TREC Foundation for TREC’s technical assistance and capacity building program.  The funds will support pre-development project management for a 20 unit transitional housing (apartment) project to be utilized by Shared Housing Center, Inc., for service programs to single mothers and children.

TREC members serving on the technical assistance (TAC) team for this project include:  Aryn Self, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr; Dora Ramirez, Wells Fargo; Rick Perdue, Tonti Properties; Sara Wessels, Kimley-Horn; and Brad Hannagan, Holt Lunsford Commercial.  TREC member Eliza Solender, of Solender Hall, brokered the land acquisition for Shared Housing.

Technical assistance services to date:  pro forma operating / expense budgeting; preparation and presentation of lender package (for construction “bridge” loan); civil engineering services; preliminary designs; legal services; project coordination.

The current TAC team provided the due diligence on the project through the R&D committee, and recommended the project for funding to TREC Foundation for the 2009 Community Impact Initiative.

Shared Housing and the “Green Haus” Project

Shared Housing Center, Inc. was established in Dallas in 1984 to break the cycle of homelessness for the elderly, single parents with children and persons with special needs.  Shared Housing will build a new 20-unit, LEED certified, transitional housing apartment complex in East Dallas called the “Green Haus”.  This project will house single moms with children for 12 to 24 months as they transition to independent housing.  Shared Housing will offer daycare, mental health counseling and life skills training to residents through partnerships with outside organizations and businesses.

The “Green Haus” project is being designed by Thom Powell, AIA, with Good Fulton Farrell Architects.  Thom has been working with Shared Housing for the past year on designs for the project, donating initial concept design work which includes green building components such as geothermal HVAC, storm water collection systems and numerous other green design components.

“Green Haus” Concept Plan

About TREC Foundation’s Technical Assistance Program

TREC’s Technical Assistance capacity building program offers real estate development services to local nonprofit (NFP) agencies.  TREC members form teams to advise NFPs and provide professional resources that are unaffordable to nonprofit community developers (CHDO[1]s) and social service[2] agencies that utilize real estate in pursuit of their missions.  Qualified nonprofits submit requests for project assistance directly to TREC staff or through a TREC technical assistance (TAC) liaison.


A TREC volunteer project manager/liaison forms a cross-disciplinary advisory team to assist a nonprofit developer in key decision-making areas.  TREC prefers to be a part of the development team on a project in the early stages, helping to determine feasibility and make recommendations for value engineering on adaptive reuse and new projects.  TREC advisory teams frequently assist in bringing the project through the pre-development phase, ready for implementation.


Where financial commitments are made in support of TREC’s technical assistance, TREC volunteers and staff will provide oversight of when and how funds are disbursed to the project.


Due Diligence and Project Management

Volunteers provide strategic due diligence to determine project feasibility before TREC makes pledges of technical or financial assistance to an organization. The Foundation only disburses funds when target goals have been met. Volunteers work with agencies to set interim goals as a way of measuring outcomes and ensuring success for longer term projects.


[1] CHDO: Community Housing Development Organizations

[2] Safe, clean affordable housing is a primary need for clients of many social service providers.