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Now Accepting Applications for 2022

We are now accepting applications for the 2022 cohort of Dallas Public Voices. The intensive three-month fellowship will provide twenty of the city’s most promising women thought leaders with extraordinary support, leadership skills, and knowledge to ensure their ideas shape not only their fields but also the greater public conversations of our age.

  • Apply for the 2022 cohort here. Please note the requirements and January 21, 2022 deadline.

  • Apply to re-experience the fellowship as one of up to four alumni in the 2022 cohort here. Please note the requirements, as not all are eligible. 


Funded by The Boone Family Foundation, the Dallas Public Voices Fellowship is part of a prestigious national initiative to change who narrates history. The internationally acclaimed curriculum and method explore leadership, power, and action in an unfair world. Using time-tested methods of transformational learning, fellows explore how credibility works, how ideas spread, when and why minds change, and how ideas play out over time and space. This program will engage selected fellows in intense, results-oriented thinking and activities around their own knowledge and impact. It will provide the inside information, high-level support, and media connections to become influential on a large scale. Other participating institutions include Yale, Dartmouth, Northwestern, The Ford Foundation, and more. Fellows completing the fellowship will join a national network of peers, allowing for knowledge-sharing and innovation across institutions and geographies.


The Public Voices Fellowship has a track record of stunning results, generating personal, professional, and public outcomes with far-reaching implications. Fellows have published op-eds in high-impact venues, and gone on to publish history-changing books. They have briefed Congress, advised the White House, launched new research studies and centers, and sparked national and international debate. They have written books, collaborated on research grants, and driven policy change. The resulting impact of their ideas entering public consciousness has been expansive and is hard to overstate.


Fellows will participate in three convenings (see the application for dates), scheduled at one-month intervals. Fellows will also be assigned to a veteran journalist for dedicated one-on-one mentoring throughout the program. In addition, fellows will receive weekly customized email support and will be invited to join weekly webinars and occasional expert talks with a wide range of journalists and thought leaders. Upon completion of the fellowship, they will have access to a powerful network of peers, and to The OpEd Project’s national network of high-level journalist mentors.


The 2022 cohort will offer up to four standout alumni with demonstrated success and a deep commitment to the mission an opportunity to re-experience the fellowship, further their own thought leadership, and work with The OpEd Project team to ensure the success and legacy of both the 2022 cohort and the Dallas Public Voices community more broadly. This opportunity was designed specifically for and is unique to the Dallas Public Voices Fellowship.


On Dallas Public Voices, including the names and concrete media outcomes of prior-year fellows, is here. On Public Voices nationwide, including partnering institutions, here. On The OpEd Project mission and team, here. On what it’s like to be in the fellowship, via a short video of the program at Emory University, here.