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In addition to grantmaking, The Boone Family foundation engages in initiatives that build the capacity of the nonprofit community so that it can holistically bring social justice issues to light and practice advocacy that drives long-term social change. The foundation often provides seed funding for new programs that fill needs in arena associated with gender equity, education and the environment. For example, the foundation provided funding to launch the Texas office of the Alliance for Justice (AFJ), a national association of more than 100 organizations that are committed to the creation of an equitable, just and free society. With help from the foundation, AFJ opened an office in Dallas in 2015 to provide advocacy assistance and training to nonprofits. Other new programs and organizations for which the foundation has provided seed funding include the Texas launch of IGNITE, an organization that works to build political ambition among girls and young women, Once Upon A Month program which provides monthly books directly to children 0-5 years old in their homes and classrooms, and Reading Partners, which mobilizes communities to provide students with the support they need to read at grade level by fourth grade. It has also played a role in the success of such racial and gender equity efforts as Dallas Faces Race, Border Crossers training for K-12 teachers to talk about race in the classroom and Dallas Public Voices professional development to increase pubic dialogue on current issues that impact our community. Learn more about the foundation’s capacity building and advocacy efforts below.

Dallas Faces Race

A sustainable forum on race in Dallas that brings together organizations to actively build capacity to address racial equity and make change.

Dallas Faces RaceDallas Faces Race

Border Crossers

An organization that works to train and empower educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in schools and communities.

Border CrossersBorder Crossers

Dallas Public Voices Greenhouse

An initiative that seeks to increase the public impact of the Dallas area’s most diverse thinkers.